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FATCA Consultants offers the following compliance solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of your company and will be a valuable resource for your management, account executives, and legal, accounting, IT, and compliance departments:

Executive Presentation
The implementation of FATCA will require that your organization’s leaders make a commitment to ensure that all departments are prepared to comply with FATCA. This presentation will be designed to inform and educate your management team as to how they can update corporate guidelines, policies, and procedures in accordance with FATCA requirements.
Impact Study / Written Memorandum
FATCA Consultants offers an Impact Study that will allow your financial institution to assess the financial and legal impact that FATCA requirements will have on your daily operations and will assist each department in your company in taking the appropriate steps to ensure compliance.
On Site Training
Many of our FATCA solutions products, including the Compliance Manual and Impact Study, will also include an on-site training session conducted by our team of FATCA specialists. This interactive session will be crucial for your staff to understand the complexities of FATCA compliance.
FATCA Compliance Manual
The Compliance Manual will assist your organization in understanding the detailed reporting requirements applicable to foreign financial institutions (“FFIs”) that are governed by an agreement your institution must enter into with the IRS in order to be compliant under FATCA. The agreement with the IRS requires that a participating FFI have written policies and procedures governing its due diligence. The Compliance Manual will also address procedures for possibly obtaining refunds in the event of over-withholding under FATCA.
Compliance With Intergovernmental Agreements (IGAs)
The U.S. Treasury Department released a model intergovernmental agreement (IGA) on July 26, 2012 regarding the implementation of FATCA based upon cooperation between partner governments. In the event your country’s government signs an IGA with the United States, we will be able to provide your company with detailed guidance that will ensure your compliance with the requirements under the IGA.
FATCA Compliance Software
FATCA Consultants has partnered with a leading technology company that provides a proprietary software solution to meet your FATCA compliance needs. The software program contains tools that will enhance the ability of your accounting, IT, and compliance departments to comply with the reporting and due diligence requirements contained in FATCA.
Agreement with the IRS and IRS Registration
FATCA Consultants can guide you through the process of entering into an FFI Agreement and the online IRS registration procedures. One of the central requirements of FATCA compliance for FFIs is entering into an agreement with the IRS and following specified reporting and due diligence procedures.
FATCA Audit / Compliance Certification
FATCA Consultants has partnered with a leading accounting firm that will conduct a thorough audit of your systems, records and procedures in connection with FATCA compliance. This audit will assist your company’s “responsible officer” in making the required FATCA certifications to the IRS.
Annual Maintenance
FATCA requires that your company comply with reporting, verification, and certification requirements on an annual basis. Therefore, we are pleased to offer an annual maintenance option for all of the aforementioned products.

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